For all ages

Mother, Grandfather and their grandchildren: 3 generations having fun
together on the same infrastructure. This is the pumptrack in your neighborhood.

The benefits of

our Pumptrack

Our core product is the pumptrack, a small looping trail for bikers from 2 until over 70years of age.

It’s build of berms and rollers, designed for cycling without the rider pedaling.

You find many different lines, each one of them is ideal for different skills. A pumptrack can be built as a single round track or as a complex track system.


Our Pumptrack around the corner became a sporty meeting point for the whole neighborhood.




  • Ideal space: from 300m2 (27m x 11m)
  • Low cost: from CHF 60’000 (CHF 200/m2)
  • Building ground: flat and drained
  • Max. height: 180cm
  • Neighborhood friendly, school sports compatible and quiet
  • It is best suited in the center of your neighborhood
  • Place for social interaction for young and old
  • Up to date extension of a regular playground
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