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MaterialPumptracks EN : Pumptracks EN


Our stabilized material allows you to ride our tracks all year long.



  • weatherproof
  • rideable all year long
  • resistant to deformation
  • natural appearance



The public requirement for a nearby and save bicycling infrastructure led us to the development of a stabilized material.

Convertability of a track leads to a change of the risks, what can have serious legal consequences for the operator of an infrastructure.

Our pumptrack-material shows a great benefits over common material used in building cycling infrastructure; it is rideable all year long by much less maintenance. It offers great grip and has a natural appearance. In combination with a nice designed  restarea, it triggers a natural feeling in urban space.

Finally I’m able to ride all year long, whether it’s
raining, snowing or the sun is out – it’s always great fun.

Stefan Hofmeier, Zurich


The material is a highly modern mixture of natural materials bound by cement. With further ingredients the material hardly shrinks at all and leads not to the known concrete impression compared to a standard cement bound material.